The Children’s Ministry at DHAC includes worship every Sunday morning from 10am to 10:30am and Sunday School classes from 10:30am to the end of service (11:45am). Sunday School includes classes for toddlers, pre-school, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade, 3rd and 4th Grade, and 5th and 6th Grade.

Children’s Ministry Team for 2017

Children Ministry Pastor: Pastor Phillip Her

Children Ministry Advisor: N. Kx. Nom Xyooj Hawj

Children Ministry Advisor: N. Txawj Havis Hawj

Secretary: N. Nyaj Xyooj Hawj

Treasurer: N. Laj Teev Hawj

Nursery Coordinator: N. Tswv Koob Hawj

Children’s Ministry Mission and Goal

Vision and Mission statements

  • Vision: All children become disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Mission: To teach every child to know, to accept, and to serve Jesus Christ

2017 Teachers

DHAC uses a two teacher rotation for each grade level, that way we ensure that the teachers have time to prepare and teach their class and can still have time off to attend regular service and worship as well. In addition, DHAC also uses assistants (over the age of 16) for particular classes.

1st & 3rd Quarter Teachers:

Toddlers: N. Nyaj Xyooj Hawj
Pre-K: N. Xf. Phillip Hawj
Kindergarten: N. Xf. Tswv David Yaaj
1st & 2nd Grade: Txawj Moos Thoj
3rd & 4th Grade: N. Txawj Moos Thoj
5th & 6th Grade: Pong Hawj

2ns & 4th Quarter Teachers:

Toddlers: N. Matthew Hawj
Pre-K: N. Npuag Ntxawg Yaaj
Kindergarten: N. Zaam Nplooj Muas
1st & 2nd Grade: N. Nyaj Tub Yaaj
3rd & 4th Grade: Cher Hawj
5th & 6th Grade: N. Kx. Paaj Nquab

Once 6th grade students enter the 7th grade, they will then be a part of the youth ministry when students transition to new classes in the 3rd quarter.

Parents are responsible for their children up until 9:45 AM on Sunday. At 9:45 AM parents can drop off their children for Children’s Ministry service in the multi-purpose room. After service, parents must pick-up their children from their classrooms. Children’s Ministry volunteers will not release students until parents come check-out their children.



  • Bible Land Store is back in business. Please help donate toys, electronics, sports items, gift cards to this ministry and reward for the kids.


Click here for DHAC 2017 Nursery Caregiver Schedule.